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About Mackintosh Bowls

Congratulations to our ladies on their 25th anniversary. 2017 brings with it both problems that are not unique to us, and some opportunities that are.We have the facilities, a very good green, a reputation for being very welcoming to new members and visiting teams. We are a forward looking club est. In 1891. We believe that we offer a realistic alternative to bigger, more fashionable, and in terms of current bowling results,more successful clubs.

mackintosh bowling

Mackintosh Bowls Fixtures

We need experienced and new members that are willing to take a 12 month view helping us to expand our player base enabling us to enter an extra league team in the 2018 season. This will allow us to increase the number of external competitive matches we play. Until then where possible additional rinks will be added to matches as friendly matches Some members may reject playing in these rinks, but it does offer extra games.

Mackintosh Bowls Competitions

We are constantly examining ways to expand our range of internal games. As the bigger clubs continue to increase their memberships even they will struggle to supply all the competitive games that they would like. We believe that this is a unique moment. An opportunity for forward looking players to join a club building to a bright future, not just celebrating the previous 125 years.

Hello and Welcome

Our first hope is that we, at Mackintosh Bowls, can persuade you that playing bowls is something that is a very worthwhile use of your valuble time. The game is suited to absolutely all ages and skill levels. It is ideal for virtualy anyone to play. It has the health benefit of regular exercise and justifiably enjoys a very high reputation for friendliness. Bowls should be seen as just as challenging and exciting an option as any other sport. For young people it offers an excellent alternative to more conventional sports. It has been said that “bowls is a young persons game played by older people”. It is true that unfortunately too many people do not discover the pleasure that the sport offers until later in life. Bowling is an ideal way for people moving on from other sports to continue active participation in sport throughout their lives.

As in all sports it can satisfy the competitive needs of individuals to whatever level they choose. The game is, as in all sports, a game of levels but perhaps more than many sports pleasure can be derived at all levels, even the occassional “shocker” can be enjoyed when shared with friends.
There are many very good Bowls clubs within Cardiff so why join us?.
As with the other clubs we are constantly looking to improve both on and off our very well maintained green. We have a small enough membership for all players to be important to us. We are very actively looking for new members. Absolute beginners are just as welcome as more experienced players.

Most importantly
We at “the Macks” enjoy a very high reputation with all the other clubs for being one of the most friendly, sociable, and welcoming clubs that anyone could possibly wish to find. No matter what your standard you are you can be absolutely certain YOU will be WELCOME AT “THE MACKS”.

Thank you for visiting us.
This is the interactive site of the Bowls section of the Mackintosh Sports Club.

For general information about the Mackintosh Sports Club


Committee Members

Management Committee

Chair: B.Pinnell

Vice Chair:  P.Carpanini

Secretary: C.Pulsford

Treasurer: R.Howes

Committee Members

V.Cousins,  J.Lewis,  S.Lloyd,  L.Williams

Mackintosh Club Trustees

C.Pulsford,  L.Williams


If you’d like to become a member of our club, please send us your details and we will email you the application forms.

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